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Hi David,

Thanks for your questions and findings!  We will likely do another sprint on the video player later in the year. We are always happy to take pull requests though, so if you'd like to get involved, that would be great! I've responded to your particular questions inline below.



On 2013-04-24, at 12:07 PM, David Fourney wrote:

> Hi,
> I have been exploring the video player as a candidate for some usability testing (particularly the transcript mode). However, there are some issues that I have observed and I am wondering if someone can discuss them with me  and possibly get some of these issues fixed.
> Here are the issues:
> 1. The video player breaks in Chrome in fullscreen. I downloaded an earlier version from January which works fine but the current one does not.

Good catch - it looks like half the video is off screen. I've opened a JIRA ticket for this issue: 
Is that the same thing you saw, or did you see something different?

> 2. The player does not provide a full screen control in Opera. Worse, double-clicking on the video (the standard action to get stuff into fullscreen in Opera) does not appear to work either. This is particularly bad since Opera is currently the most compliant browser for WebVTT support. Using the video player would make sense for adding a transcript view to the current default browser behaviour.

At the time when we implemented the fullscreen functionality in the video player, Opera did not provide fullscreen support. We tossed around the idea of implementing our own version of fullscreen and decided that it wasn't a good use of resources given that the browsers are working towards implementation. 

Here is the JIRA ticket relating to Opera:

> 3. If there is only one language available for the transcript, the grey box at the top still shows a dropdown menu. If there is only one language to choose from why have a menu? It just adds clutter. It is not obvious to me how to get rid of this dropdown menu and treat the language available as the "default".
> Another issue with this grey box is that, in full screen mode, it scales up to become a much larger than needed box. This has a visual aesthetic impact.

Good point. Any chance you'd be willing to open a JIRA ticket for this and put up a screen shot of what you are seeing?

> 4. Is there a way to hardcode the UI Options? The options panel is very useful, but if you only want to show the page in a specific way to test specific views, is there an easy way to hardcode the options (e.g., turn on transcripts by default, turn on captions by default, turn on both by default, turn on a specific language option, etc.)?

You should be able to easily over-ride the default settings for UI Options. Anastasia, I wasn't able to find some documentation on how to do this - do we have some? 

> 5. Does the transcript view support WebVTT? The demo videos all use JSON files for transcripts and WebVTT for captions. It would seem to me that if you have one or more WebVTT files, you would not want to recode them all into JSON, just reuse them in the transcript mode. While I like that the player supports Amara, WebVTT is the current W3C standard and should be supported for transcript views.

Not yet, although we do plan to implement this at some point.

> 6. Is there a way to resize or reposition the transcript box? For some users, I can see the default width of the box being too small. They may want it to start a little bit more to the left. I can see other users wanting the transcript to appear on the left side of the video rather than the right (or even below or above the video).

You can just override the default CSS by setting a different width using the 'fl-videoPlayer-transcriptArea' class. 

> 7. The transcript appears to get collapsed into one big runon paragraph creating some readability issues. How can this be broken up so that new lines appear at logical points?

This is a great idea. Do you want to write a bit more about what you'd like to see? 

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