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Thu Apr 18 14:36:02 EDT 2013

Hi All,

I'm planning some user testing of a keypad for the Canadian Museum of Human
Rights project <>.
We have designed a keypad that will be installed on their touch-screen
kiosks.  I'm brainstorming the simplest way to make our keypad prototype
functional for testing (materials to be determined but we are hoping to 3D
print the keys to be as close to the final product as possible).  I was
thinking that using a Makey Makey kit <> or two
might be one way to do it.  The keypad has 12
but it may not be realistic to make all of them functional for testing
(although it would be nice).  Most important would be up/down/left/right
navigation keys, select key and undo key.  In addition to that we have a
help, home, zoom on/off, audio on/off, and volume controls up/down.

For the testing I'm thinking to create a very basic 3-5 page interactive
interface (based on screen-shots/wireframes provided by the museum) that
I'm hoping can include audio feedback/voice-over capability.  Any ideas
about how to do this simply and quickly would also be appreciated.

Also, if anyone is interested in volunteering some time to participate in
user testing, let me know.  The test period will run approximately 1 hour
and will take place early to mid-May at the IDRC (205 Richmond).

Thank you,
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