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Hi everyone,

I'm pulling this thread back to the beginning to try to get a little more clarity on next steps. It seems to me that we need to decide what to do with the current full page demo and we also need to move forward on the PMT. 

As Joanna mentioned, the issue with the current full page demo is that it does not show an implementation that we recommend. Our demos are one of the main ways that our users learn how to use Infusion and build implementations by example. By keeping this demo around in its current state, we send the incorrect message that we expect people to use the full page UIO on their websites.

I propose that we do the following:

1. Move the full page demo into the manual tests and get the demo branch into master (Heidi & Jon)
2. Design a PMT inspired demo  (Joanna & Dana)
	This probably looks like a pared down version of the current mockups: 
3. Build the PMT demo

Does this seem reasonable? 



On 2013-04-09, at 12:01 PM, Vass, Joanna wrote:

> Hi All,
> Last week Jon, Michelle and I had a quick conversation about the full page UIO configuration in the demo and I want to hear everyone else's thoughts.
> A worry I had with including it in the demo is that it might suggest that it is a recommended implementation for a website. A full page configuration could be appropriate for the PMT, where the modifications would apply not just to one website but to all applications and an accurate preview would be difficult to represent. However, the current presentation of the full page doesn't quite reflect this use. Maybe we could mockup something that better shows this or explore other configurations that show the flexibility of UIO on a website?
> Thanks,
> Joanna
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