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Michelle D'Souza michelled33 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 16:48:01 EDT 2013

Hi Joanna and Dana,

I think a PMT demo is a great idea. What I'm wondering about, is what we should do now in terms of our current demo. The full page UIO demo is looking pretty broken at the moment: http://demo.floeproject.org/demos/uiOptions/html/uiOptionsFullWithPreview.html

Heidi and Jon have been working on styling, but they didn't want to spend time on fixing the full page demo if we are just going to remove it. Any thoughts on what you think we should do?



On 2013-04-11, at 9:12 AM, Dana A wrote:

> Hi Joanna,
> I think it would be great to have a PMT-like demo mockup (GPII preference management tool), but with regard to UIO - is this a matter of deciding what level of flexibility we want or that we think is useful?  Or do we already know the answer to this? As you say we would only want to demonstrate something that we think is useable/desired.  So what are the UIO features of flexibility that we want?  I think useability across devices/screen sizes is one...What are some others, and can we incorporate these?
> Thanks,
> Dana

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