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Jonathan Hung jhung at ocadu.ca
Wed Apr 10 09:11:21 EDT 2013

Hi Joanna,

I wonder if it would help to summarize the characteristics of our demos to
better understand the challenge here?

Our demos are:

Demos demonstrate the functionality of the Fluid component with minimal
distractions. Users should immediately understand what it is being shown to

Demos are a good examples of functionality, operating context, and
implementation (the three jewels in the demo crown?). Ideally the user can
copy the demo mark-up and apply it to their work with minimal effort.

With respect to a full-page UIO demo, I think the challenge is creating
something concise and is a good example of an operating context.

Does that sound about right? Did I miss anything else?

- Jon.

On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 12:01 PM, Vass, Joanna <jvass at ocadu.ca> wrote:

>  Hi All,
>  Last week Jon, Michelle and I had a quick conversation about the full
> page UIO configuration in the demo and I want to hear everyone else's
> thoughts.
> A worry I had with including it in the demo is that it might suggest that
> it is a recommended implementation for a website. A full page configuration
> could be appropriate for the PMT<http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/(C4A)+Preference+Management+Tool+Mockups>,
> where the modifications would apply not just to one website but to all
> applications and an accurate preview would be difficult to represent.
> However, the current presentation of the full page doesn't quite reflect
> this use. Maybe we could mockup something that better shows this or explore
> other configurations that show the flexibility of UIO on a website?
>  Thanks,
> Joanna
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