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As for you're second question, as counter productive as this sounds and likely is, making said chevrons not focusable might be worth considering. Cos a keyboard user would land on each focusable element regardless of the chevrons being usable/ focusable or not. It actually might add potentially 2 redundant steps?

I know, that wasn't your question, but answering that question I guess is similar to making skip links visible on focus. I say, as a keyboard user, yes, make skip links visible on focus and bring off screen panels into view. Both are confusing otherwise. My two cents.


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... And the solution is inclusion

On 2013-04-05, at 2:14 PM, "Cheetham, Anastasia" <acheetham at ocadu.ca> wrote:

At today's UIO planning meeting, a couple of questions arose about the interactions for the horizontal scrolling widget in the new UIO designs. We're hoping the designers and the rest of the community can help clarify these issues so that we can proceed to determine what needs to be done to implement them.

We're looking at the wireframes on the wiki at
in particular at the yellow chevrons displayed at the far right and left of the horizontal list of panels.

• What happens when we click the arrow? Does one panel scroll into view, or do many (e.g. a 'full-screen-width' worth)? Or something else?

• What are the keyboard interactions for these arrows? How does a keyboard-only user bring off-screen panels into view?

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