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Johnny Taylor johnny at abledaccess.com
Wed Apr 3 10:56:14 EDT 2013

It seems to me both issues, the right side of the panel not being accessible and the sliders being largely unusable in their current form in touch environments, are of equal importance. Interesting.

I asked Michelle yesterday about me messing with the demo, in hopes I could get it working/ displaying a bit less rigidly (or more fluidly, if you like), in terms of it's adaptability/ responsiveness. But thinking that further along, after reading what you said below, I'm never going too get it 100% adaptive/ responsive so it remains usable the smaller a users screen gets. Now my thinking is those next a previous scroll buttons might be just the thing to get you were you need to be. It seems workable. 

Whether it the best solution, I'm not sure. The most natural instinct I have is to swipe to the left to see the right side of the panel on the iPad. This behaviour works on my laptop via my trackpad and even on my mouse, by swiping to the left (I have to use two fingers on my trackpad), but something seems to be preventing it on the iPad. Like I said, it starts to move but it stops immediately after. Could it be possible something is preventing it it? Seems to me it should be a natural horizontal scroll action for the iPad, no?

Just my thoughts.

And that Touch Punch solution looks perfect!


On 2013-04-03, at 9:33 AM, Colin Clark <colinbdclark at gmail.com> wrote:

Hey Johnny,

You're right, our current scrolling in the new UIO panel is a hack. If you look at the wireframes, we actually have next and previous buttons to scroll through a row full of options at a time. Before this demo gets into master, we're going to implement this style of interaction. 

Does it seem like it is a workable solution on the iPad, too? And a good one?

Now we've just got to get those jQuery UI sliders to work on touch screens too. Justin mentioned something about the jQuery UI team eventually adding built-in mobile support, but in the meantime we may need to look at something likeTouch Punch:


What do you think?


Colin Clark

On 2013-04-01, at 1:35 PM, Johnny Taylor <johnny at abledaccess.com> wrote:

> The items to the right of line spacing  in UIO are inaccessible on the iPad. Swiping the panel with your finger to "see more" options on the right does nothing. Well the panel moves, slightly, but stops abruptly almost immediately.
> Which has me wondering, is there a better way to make it responsive/ adaptive to use real estate more efficiently? I know, I'll stick it for suggesting this so late in the game.
> Johnny
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