Fwd: self voicing update

Zenevich, Yura yzenevich at ocadu.ca
Mon Apr 1 17:26:03 EDT 2013

Hi everyone,

As you know Avtar is helping me get the self voicing with festival up and running. I am at the point where I would need to test the mini festival server in a vm, however there seem to be a configuration issue that Avtar and I would need to iron out. Here's the latest code: https://github.com/yzen/demo-tts-proxy/tree/SPAWN

As soon as it's done (that would most likely require some more work on the mini-server to be reliable) there are still some changes that would need to be made in the client-side code to update from mpeg to wav audio playback.

Colin, Michelle, what do you think should be our focus (and we should continue on with the above), as there's a chance we would need to work on it during the first half of tomorrow.


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