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Nicole Joanna Bryczkowski nb10rm at
Wed Nov 28 18:09:39 UTC 2012

Hi Everyone,

As discussed last week concerning the captions for OER Commons, we
suggested: "On initial specification of a video, the 'wizard-like' dialog
will add a step at the end for specifying captions for the video. The step
should allow users to upload caption files and specify their languages, or
redirect to the Amara website to create new captions. (By default, caption
files will automatically also be used for transcripts."

The designs can be found on the bottom of the page here:

The user is able to upload multiple files at a time, make corrections if
they accidentally selected the wrong language, delete uploaded files if
they wish, and move past the dialog as long as a language has been
specified for each upload. If they would like to create captions, they may
select the link beside "Uploaded Captions," which would then direct then to

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