User States & Contexts

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Wed Nov 28 16:11:40 UTC 2012

This is looking much better. 

There are a number of confusing things. 
For the three rings of the circle, in the dexterity wedge, modifications would come before replacements/alternatives. Modifications are less extreme than completely replacing things. I'm actually wondering why we have these three stages and about the placement of some of these things in all the wedges. 

I'm going to work on this when on the plane on Saturday.

I'm meeting with Vic on December 5th and want to have this in fairly good shape.


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Tona this looks great.

I wonder if there is more that we could do to clarify confusing areas like the dexterity section. It feels to me that some of the points might be related as sub-points if that makes sense. I think we probably are also at a place where we need to think about how to get this out to a pretty broad community to get a lot of feedback -- what do you think?


On Nov 26, 2012, at 11:20 AM, tona monjo <tonamonjo at> wrote:

> Hi Jess,
> As we commented last week, I've been working on User States & Contexts, specially on its visual representation, trying to transform it into what could become a powerful tool in requirement analysis and design.
> As you will see, the goal in the last page is to have a representation able to communicate all requirements for a given case (or an application), so it could work as a map of needs for a design.
> Sure it can be greatly improved! Please let me know you thoughts.
> Have a nice week!
> Tona
> <User States & Context_diagram.pdf>

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