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Thu Nov 22 16:16:14 UTC 2012

I just had a conversation with Joanna and Nicole about integrating the Video Player into OER Commons. I'd like to summarize that discussion here for others to comment on (and to make sure I understood their suggestions).

The designers made several suggestions:

1) On initial specification of a video, the 'wizard-like' dialog will add a step at the end for specifying captions for the video. The step should allow users to upload caption files and specify their languages, or redirect to the Amara website to create new captions. (By default, caption files will automatically also be used for transcripts.)

2) Once the video is embedded in the document, the existing caption menu should include two options:
   a) "create new caption" which would redirect to the Amara website
   b) "upload captions" which would bring up a dialog allowing authors to upload caption files and specify their languages

3) There should also be an "add captions" widget visible above the video that provides basically the same content as the Video Players captions menu: A list of existing captions and the two options, "create new caption" and "upload captions."

Nicole is going to work on designs for the caption upload dialog.

Joanna and Nicole, did I get this right?

Does anyone else have any thoughts on these suggestions?

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