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Mon Nov 12 19:22:23 UTC 2012

Hi Heidi,

One solution we were talking about earlier is removing the caption and transcript buttons with small videos and large controls and changing the tooltip on the fullscreen button to say 'more options available on fullscreen'.

The reason is that the video area may be too small to comfortably display captions and transcripts anyway. They could though be displayed outside of the video, but the placement may vary depending on the context the video is in. 

Another option is moving the left half of the controls to a new bar on top of the video, giving them a bit more room.

I'm not sure which would be ideal though. 


On 2012-11-12, at 1:48 PM, "Valles, Heidi" <hvalles at> wrote:

> hi Jess and all,
> We're looking for a design solution to address when video player controls are made big via UI Options. When the video is small and text-size is set to be biggest, the controls no longer fit across one line, but split into two lines (see attached screen shot #1).
> Also, when line-height is increased, the controls, volume slider, and time information are offset within their containers (see screen shot #2).
> There are a few things we could do:
> -Implement a default video size that would support our one-line control layout, and therefore always look good "out of the box", regardless of the media's actual size. Might affect resolution/expectations, but could be over-ridden by integrators - if they force it to be too small, then they're responsible for styling it properly.
> -Tweak the current styles to look better when the video is small and controls are large ("look better" possibly meaning the control background would extend to include the multiple lines of controls, tweak tooltip position, prevent line-spacing from affecting controls?)
> -Prevent the control bar from wrapping, meaning it would possibly extend outside the width of the video player.
> -Something else?
> Thoughts welcome!
> best,
> heidi
> <screen shot 1.png><screen shot 2.png>
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