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Johnny Taylor johnny at abledaccess.com
Fri May 25 19:23:27 UTC 2012


Interesting stuff. Thanks. I couldn't remember how I set my blog up <http://abledaccess> and seeing how I had and issue using rem before <http://abledaccess.com/blog/issue-using-rem/> I was curious how this all played out. And I found some curious behaviour.

 I set all my font settings via the html element. Given my issues using rem I thought I'd better try some stuff (to insure everything still functions properly) just to see what happens. Now by no means am I finished but 2 interesting things so far;

1. You can't exceed or declare any less than a 100% font-size, when setting font-size in your style sheet, on the body element? Which is most likely documented somewhere, but I don't recall reading it anywhere, not that I've read much on UIO before this. Not that this behaviour is necessarily undesirable but you are free to do whatever you want on the html element (up to, and including, 260%, it seemed silly to exceed that). And what is most interesting is everything still works (testing still pending).

2. And I use Georgia as my base font. And I noticed this before, when I switch to "Times New Roman" nothing happens. I figured it might be a result of my using the html element for all the font goodness, but no deal. Is this supposed to happen? Does "Times New Roman" have to match exactly for it to work? Or should any Times font suffice? Before I crack off I should really check if I even have "Times New Roman" installed on my machine. Oops, too late.

That's it, for now.

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