time for an infusion release?

Justin Obara obara.justin at gmail.com
Fri May 25 13:15:09 UTC 2012

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with some developers who are using UI Options. They were quite happy with it for the most part, but did mention an issue they were having with line-height. While we do have a fix for this in our repo, we haven't made it available in a release yet. 

About a month ago I posed the question of whether or not we should do a 1.4.1 maintenance release which included the line-height fix for UIEnhancer. Colin also thought that it might be good to include Antranig's jQuery related upgrades as well. 

see: http://old.nabble.com/line-height-in-UIEnhancer%3A-%27em%27-vs-unitless-to33722373.html

I think we have a few options. We could do a maintenance release that includes both of these. We could do two separate maintenance releases, one for each fix. Another option would be to plan for a 1.5 release. Since the jQuery upgrades would likely trigger a full round of testing, adding this to a full release might save time.

My preference would be to do a quick maintenance release for the line-height fix and move the rest to a full 1.5 release. However, for a 1.5 release we'd need to determine both when it should come out and what exactly should be included. 

Any thoughts?


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