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If you're interested in joining the WSIS conference remotely, where Kasper, Gregg, and Jutta are presenting the GPII personalization software and Floe, here are the details.


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I am sorry but the information I gave you for remote participation was for LAST YEAR

for this year' Remote Participation
Just go to  http://groups.itu.int/wsis-forum2012/Agenda/RemoteParticipationRooms.aspx
and enter the proper room number
at the bottom of the page

To join us for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Raising the Floor  -- and the Cloud4all Announcement
please sign in to Room V
on THURSDAY  before  10:15  Central European Time

About 10:30 we will make the announcements and will ask all participants in RRt/Cloud4all/GPII to turn on their webcams if they have one -- so that everyone here can see all those who are part of this.

Hope to see you


Here are all the technology and disability sessions on Wed and Thursday

1) session on Wednesday at 11:00 - 12:45  titled
Literacy, Digital literacy, and Disability Barriers and Solutions to ICT use in developing Countries     (Raising the Floor - International) Room VI
 - (we will be collection information on ICT and barriers -- and how GPII can help - and what GPII cannot do but also needs doing)
 -  (the work on the EasySudanFarmer interface will be shown first here briefly)

2) session on Wednesday 11:00 - 12:45 titled
Open Educational Resources (OER)  and Practices (in partnership with UNESCO and other OER partners) Room IV
 - (we will be presenting FLOE and other education related GPII projects during this session).
(yep - this is right on top of the one above.  It was on top of #3 and we asked them to move it -  and.....     Murphy rules )

3) session on Thursday at 9:00 - 10:45
ICT and Disability    (CTO with the ICT4D Collective, and the University of Michigan, ITU, G3ICT, OCAD University, Daisy Consortium and Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure initiative) Room V
- Broad look at ICT and disability - toward setting agendas.  Info from two sessions above will be brought forward to this session.

3a)  Thursday  at 10:15  (sign on time for 10:30 appearance on screen)
at the END of the THURSDAY "ICT and Disability"  session (around 10:30) - we will be doing our "Virtual Ribbon Cutting of the Raising the Floor Consortium", and announcement of the CLOUD4All Project  in Europe.
  -  It will be followed by a reception during the coffee break.  We invite you to send an email to WSIS at raisingthefloor.org<mailto:WSIS at raisingthefloor.org> so that we can link you into the celebration in a special way.  Everyone participating in the consortium is invited to link in and be part of the Ribbon Cutting by being projected as a group on the front screen of the room

4) Session on Thursday   11:00 - 12:45
Role of telecentre.org<http://telecentre.org/> and Sudan telecentres in community development (Telecentre.org/<http://Telecentre.org/> Sudan Telecentre)  Room V
- (the work on the EasySudanFarmer interface will be shown again here briefly)

In addition - Raising the Floor and Cloud4all will have a booth at WSIS all week.

Again   ALL   WSIS Forums sessions offer an opportunity for remote participation

Go to the Agenda to find the session you want

then go to this link and select the room number and press  "go"

it will launch adobe connect and drop you right into the room.

(there is a sign on the FIRST time you use it -- but only the first)

Gregg  and Jutta

Co-Directors, Raising the Floor - International
http://Raisingthefloor.org<http://Raisingthefloor.org/>   ---   http://GPII.net<http://GPII.net/>

Colin Clark
Lead Software Architect,
Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University

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