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On 2012-05-07, at 8:26 AM, Antranig Basman wrote:

> do try it out and let me know what further problems you run into.

Hi, Antranig,

Thanks for your changes. Cindy and I spent some time today updating the AfAStore to use the new model transformation code. She pushed the work to her branch:

Almost everything is working now, but we did encounter a few problems :

1) The requirement for a default value for the valueMapper: In a situation where the source model doesn't even mention a given setting, the transformation seems to want to use the 'defaultInputValue' to set a default output value. What we want is for "no input" to produce "no output." For example, if the UIO settings don't mention a text font at all, we don't want to have to choose some default font family to put in the AfA settings; we want to leave it out.

2) When your branch is merged with master (without any of our changes), we're getting an error when we run the non-fat-panel tests (FullNoPreviewUIOptions-test.html and FullPreviewUIOptions-test.html). The error doesn't happen with the fat panel tests, but we are getting the same problem in our branch with the fat panel (which has both master and your branch).

3) fluid.model.transformWithRules() used to accept an array of rulesets. This doesn't seem to work anymore; we're not sure if that was intentional. We're able to cumulatively apply rule sets ourselves, so it's not that big a deal if the framework doesn't do it directly.

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