ePub Reader & HTML5 Image Editor

Vigas Deep vigasdeep at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 04:55:41 UTC 2012

Hello, I am Vigas Deep, IT Engineering Student.
I want to contact to the respective mentors of the following projects :

Web based ePub Reader :

Mr. Yura Zenevich,

Sir, I've read the requirements of the project. As per your
requirement is to use fluid library, as I saw it is based on jQuery, I
am in touch with it. Further I also researched on epub reading and
writing. If we are interested in using any open source javascript
library then we can use.


Otherwise can be created from scratch, as you say. I am highly
proficient in HTML + CSS + JS, and totally familiar with .epub files.
Also I am a good learner and adaptive to any of your requirements.

 In case of HTML5 Image Editor :
Mr. Jon Hung &  Mr. Justin Obara,

Sir, I am also having interest in this project. because I had already
done something like this previously in, HTML5 + SVG, using JS, 2 years
back. Though it is incomplete, I was just experimenting.
Have a look :

http://www.vigasdeep.com/project/html5/       this will also fork
withh mouse like, implements variious  shapes on HTML5 canvas.

Sorry for the non alignment. I was just exploring.

Waiting for your recommendation, before applying to GSoC. Please reply ASAP.

I want to apply to GSoC for these both projects, its not about the
money involved in GSoC. If I get rejected, its okay, I will implement
a project one from your idea list in upcoming 3 months, after my exams
( after april ) , I also wanted to confirm, that if I get rejected for
GSoC, still if I want to contribute, can I have you as my mentors ?

with due regards,

Thank you.

Vigas Deep
I Rely on Open Source.

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