Deforked versions of framework and video player ready for review (FLUID-4607, FLUID-4531)

Antranig Basman antranig.basman at
Thu Mar 29 07:03:48 UTC 2012

I have just issued

which are a matched set of pull requests for the core framework and the video player - this finally restores 
the Infusion build used by the player to a plausible core framework with all of the media panel-specific 
materials which were inserted into UIOptions pulled back out into the videoPlayer component. This puts us 
halfway on the path towards "ants" - we at least now have the ability to customise panels in UIO without 
touching the core framework, although right now in a slightly clunky way that requires some duplicated 
material left behind in Store.js as well as some "pointy configuration". Still, it is better than a poke in 
the eye. No jokes about a poke in the eye from some pointy configuration.

I noticed an oddity in UIOptions itself, in that there is some material in uiOptions/css/fss that seems to 
keep appearing and disappearing depending on what branch I am on... I haven't been able to track down 
exactly how it appeared or disappeared, but it is not present in the current core framework, although since 
a reference remains to it in the core framework's FatPanelUIOptionsFrame.html file I have reinserted it for 
now. Could someone who knows about these things let me know if it shouldn't be there, and I'll remove it as 
well as the references to it.


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