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Hi Arun
You can gather the experience you've listed and add it to your resume' 
and submit that along with your project proposal. The best place to 
discuss ATutor related ideas is in the #atutor chat channel at 
irc:// We will be accepting proposals starting next week 
(March 26), during the student application period. We will provide 
feedback on a single draft of your proposal, so you will want to have it 
as well developed as possible before sending it to us for comments.


On 12-03-22 10:44 AM, arun scaria wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm Arun Scaria from India, final year Computer science and 
> engineering student at Model engineering college. Last yea,r I 
> successfully completed my GSOC project under Fedora( SUDO support for 
> SSSD). This year I would like to do aomething challenging and productive.
> While searching for ideas and organisations of my taste, I found 
> Inclusive Design Institute's ideas page. I liked the project ' Google 
> Apps Module for ATutor'. I think this idea can make the ATutor 
> software, a most wanted learning software as the Google based services 
> are extensively used among students and teachers. I hope this module 
> is a striving need for the ATutor, because the Google products like 
> Google docs, calender, YouTube etc can be used effectively in the 
> process of learning. The students and teachers can make their course 
> management process easy, if they can directly import their Google 
> based documents to ATutor.  Also, I think this is a golden opportunity 
> for me to work on challenging web based projects.
> I have fair background of PHP and good understanding of google 
> services and various APIs. Last few days, I was reading the ATutor 
> module developer. And I'm ready to submit a sample module if that is 
> acceptable as a proof of my skills. Last year my senior, Mr. Anrup 
> Ravindran did his GSOC project 'ATutor Calendar Module' under your 
> guidance. I hope he can help me in the process of learning Atutor 
> module development. I read the module development guide at 
> And I started work on my 
> module to show some sample demos before the actual project. Before 
> submitting the patch. I would like to introduce myself. That is why I 
> made this email.
> I have developed and administered a few websites for my college 
> activities. Feel free to check those sites.
>  (i).
> (ii).
> (iii).
> I would like to attach the list of projects and skills I have worked on.
> I. Technical Skills: C/C++, Java, Shell Scripting, XHTML/ CSS, SQL, 
> PHP, JavaScript, Python, Assembly Programming- Intel 8085/ 8086.
> II. Projects:
>            (i). SUDO support in SSSD: GSOC 2011 project for Fedora.
>                 *)Implementation of a sudo plugin that can connect to 
> System Security Services Daemon( SSSD) to provide cached access to 
> sudo information stored in the sudo LDAP schema.
>                 *)Platform: Fedora 15( Love lock).
>                 *)Tools:  Sudo v1.8. 2, OpenLDAP, DBus C Low level 
> API, Samba project Libraries( libtalloc, libtdb, libldb and 
> libtevent), Ding- lib, FreeIPA project libraries, Build Tools.
>                 *)Languages: C( Linux).
>                 *)Link:
>             (ii). Slash Bin Slash Bash Web application : W eb app for 
> Excel 2011
>                 *)Development of web application to conduct national 
> level online Linux Shell Scripting contest with automatic event timing 
> and scheduling with two online rounds.
>                 *)Tools: Google App Engine (GAE).
>                 *)Languages: Python, HTML/CSS, Java Script.
>                 *)Link:
>             (iii). PMTool: Project Monitor tool: Internship project at 
>  Arbitron Technologies. Duration: 2 Months.
>                 *)Implementation of a web application that monitors/ 
> tracks the project related tasks and milestones of software 
> development cycle at Arbitron Technologies.
>                 *)Tools: Eclipse IDE, Struts 2, JBoss v7.0.
>                 *)Languages: Java EE, HTML/CSS, Java Script, jQuery.
>             (iv). DRONA: Army Firing Training Manager. 6th Semester 
> Mini Project for Indian Armed Forces.
>                 *)Co- ordinates all activities in the Firing training 
> program from ammunition allotment, candidate selection to database 
> management and analyses the result to produce graphical analysis report.
>                 *)Platform: Google Android 1.6( Donut).
>                 *)Tools: SQLite v3, Eclipse IDE, Android SDK r08, Open 
> GL ES 1.0.
>                 *)Languages: JAVA, XML.
>          I am looking forward to your reply. I'm really happy discuss 
> more about the project.
>   Warm regards,
> -- 
> *Arun Scaria**| *arunscaria91 at 
> <mailto:arunscaria91 at> | arunscaria at 
> <mailto:arunscaria91 at> | +91-808952852
> Chairman    |  MEC Association of Computer Students (MACS),
> Junior Under Graduate | Computer Science and Engineering (2008-2012),
> Govt. Model Engineering College,
> Cochin-21,
> India.

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