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I am Aashray Arora, a final year Computer Science & Engineering student at
PES Institute of Technology Bangalore, India.
I found one of the Fluid Project Ideas very interesting and would love to
work on it as a part of the Google Summer of Code program.

The idea is the HTML 5 Image editor.
I am huge enthusiast when it comes to Web Technologies, I have been working
as a freelancer and implementing my own ideas in Web technologies for over
4 years now.

I have been working JavaScript, Jquery(and other JS libraries), CSS 3.0 ,
etc when it comes to front end. I have also worked on PHP,JSP (Java),
Python,etc for the back end.

After reading the project description provided at, I
found a idea very appealing as it is in the domain i work the most in,
HTML5 is the emerging future of the web. Also, the project has immense
scope for creatively and would sure help me learn more as well.

I had a doubt regarding one of the specifications provided, i.e "The
component should be able to export the settings in an easily consumable
format (e.g. JSON <>)" . Although i have worked on
data-interchange through JSON, i did not quite catch which "settings" are
being spoken about here. If you could clarify this for me i would be able
to have a better understanding of what is to be done.

I sincerely hope that you still have open-positions for this project. Could
you please guide me on any steps that i could take to familiarize myself
with Fluid Infusion and also if i could do any demo-tasks first which could
help you judge my potential.

Any guidance and help before i actually submit my proposal would be
Thanks in advance.

Best Regards
*Aashray Arora* <>
E-mail : aashrayarora at <aashrayarora at>
Website : <>

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