JIRA project division: Fluid Infusion vs Floe

James W. Yoon jyoon at ocadu.ca
Thu Mar 8 21:23:34 UTC 2012


In preparation for updating the design svn with a backlog of work the design team's been doing, I've come across an issue of what JIRA project to associate the commits with. Until now, we've been associating it with Fluid Infusion, but much of the work we've been doing (e.g., UI for ISKME's OER Commons authoring tool, Universal Subtitles UX review work, etc.) is only indirectly related to Infusion.

As I see it, our options are to either:
1) Continue to use Fluid Infusion as the space for Floe design work (which may be diluting Fluid Infusion with less related JIRAs), or
2) Carve out a Floe space in JIRA (which would bring up questions of where to put cross-relevant JIRAs; e.g., the video player work)



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