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Hi Colin,

Thanks for your response. 

FLUID-4606 is still an issue that we should fix in Infusion. We should be paying attention to the ARIA role of 'button' not just to button elements. The reason I think the Menu Button might be doing something odd is because it refers to this issue even though we no longer use anchors in the markup for the menu button. The actual code is pulling the button out of tab order by setting its tab index to -1. The buttons are still accessible through tabbing which seems a bit odd given this code. I haven't spent any time looking into the issue but my guess is that we can remove that bit of code without changing the behaviour of the component. I'll be more confident when we have more tests. :)


On 2012-03-07, at 2:45 PM, Colin Clark wrote:

> Hi Michelle,
> Thanks for the thorough list. Comments inline...
> On 2012-03-07, at 11:30 AM, Michelle D'Souza wrote:
>> 	* We did some hacking of the framework and added an additional framework file for the video player. I think we should have a branch in the Infusion repo from where we can build a new MyInfusion for the video player and this should be documented in the Readme file in the lib/infusion directory. Eventually, the framework supports that we require should move into Infusion. 
> I imagine this Infusion work (the ability to dynamically modify the settings of a component based on actions in another component) will take a bit of time to bake. A branch in the Infusion repository in the interim makes a lot of sense to me.
>> 	* We should look into the reference to FLUID-4606 in MenuButton - it looks like we are doing a hack for a bug that no longer exists. 
> What's the nature of the hack? FLUID-4606 seems like a legitimate issue even if it doesn't have any impact on the Video Player itself.
>> 	* We should create tests for transcripts.
>> 	* We should create tests for menu button.
>> 	* We should create tests for toggle button.
>> 	* We should create video player integration tests.
> Yes!
> Colin
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> Colin Clark
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