Getting the video player demo branch into master

Michelle D'Souza michelled33 at
Wed Mar 7 18:30:55 UTC 2012


We made a big push for the recent demo of the video player. In order to get more functionality in quickly we cut some corners. I'd like the demo branch that we've been working on to become the master branch but I feel that we need to go back to do some clean up before this can happen. 

Before merging the demo branch into master I think we should address these issues:

	* We did some hacking of the framework and added an additional framework file for the video player. I think we should have a branch in the Infusion repo from where we can build a new MyInfusion for the video player and this should be documented in the Readme file in the lib/infusion directory. Eventually, the framework supports that we require should move into Infusion. 
	* We have duplicate Reorganize Future captions files - we should remove the extra ones. 
	* We should look into the reference to FLUID-4606 in MenuButton - it looks like we are doing a hack for a bug that no longer exists. 
	* We should take a closer look at controllers line 224 - we have two bindings of starttime with different functions and it looks like it could be a source of bugs.
	* We did some hacking on the captionator file. We should fork captionator and make our changes in our fork.
	* We should create tests for transcripts.
	* We should create tests for menu button.
	* We should create tests for toggle button.
	* We should create video player integration tests.

After merging into master there are still several refactoring and cleanup tasks that will need to be done. These include: 

	* Update the video player API docs and consider moving them to the wiki.
	* Add the ability to use existing captions files for transcripts and remove the JSON ones we are currently using. 
	* Change the scrubber and volume to use the infusion slider instead of the jquery slider directly. 
	* Get rid of pixels in the video player css file.
	* Make the video player responsive to small and large screens. Johnny Taylor has a patch for this.
	* Get rid of our dependence on jquery ui lightness.
	* Consider restructuring the demos directory.
	* Complete the tasks on this wiki page that have not been done:

Is there anything that I've missed? Do you think some of the tasks can wait until after the merge?



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