Adding synchronize media support to Fluid VideoPlayer - GSoC idea

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Hi Eranga,

I'm guessing that you were looking at an old list of fluid project ideas. We are still working on the ideas for this year. That being said, you don't have to propose an idea from our list. If you are still interested in synchronizing content with videos, feel free to write up a proposal for that idea. Heidi is not working on the project at the moment but we'll be able to find a mentor if your proposal is accepted. 

If you're interested in video, you should take a look at the accessible video player that we've been building.


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On 2012-03-04, at 8:48 PM, Eranga Mapa wrote:

> well, this idea is mentioned in the fluid gsoc 2012 idea list. Mentor assigned is Heidi Valles. How can I contact this mentor?
> On Mar 5, 2012 4:54 AM, "Colin Clark" <colinbdclark at> wrote:
> Hi Eranga,
> That sounds like a really cool proposal idea. Let's see if we can find a mentor who is interesting in support you in the project!
> Colin
> On 2012-03-04, at 11:53 AM, Eranga Mapa wrote:
> > Hi,
> > My name is Eranga. I'm a 3rd year Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate at University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka. I am interested in participating in GSoC 2012 program with Fluid. I have involved in developing many web applications and web sites. Apart from that I have done some work to synchronize content with videos using HTML5 video and canvas. Therefore I am interested in adding synchronize media support to Fluid VideoPlayer as my GSoC 2012 project.
> >
> >  I want to know weather someone is already working on this idea.If it is still available, I'm keen to start working on this with your support.
> >
> > Thanks & regards
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