FLUID-4632: Buffered progress bar on the scrubber

Li, Cindy cli at ocadu.ca
Mon Mar 5 21:44:51 UTC 2012

Hi Michelle,

Here's the implementation: https://github.com/cindyli/videoPlayer/tree/FLUID-4632

Thanks for pointing out the jQuery slider css class which did help to resolve the opacity issue. ".ui-widget-content" was the one.

The implementation works very well with firefox and chrome. However, with IE9, I noticed one issue, when the mouse cursor is moved out of the video area and back, where the controller bar is hidden and shown again, the buffer progress bar somehow becomes sitting above the scrubber bar rather than overlay. The initial appearance of the 2 bars' position is fine in IE9 but apparently is disturbed once the show/hide is performed. Firefox and chrome don't have this issue.

I will continue looking into this issue tomorrow.

The comparison between the demo branch and FLUID-4632:


I may want to have a look and decide whether this branch should be merged into the demo.



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