Integrate the upgraded infusion into Video Player

Li, Cindy cli at
Mon Jan 23 21:48:29 UTC 2012

Hi Antranig,

During the process of integrating the upgraded infusion into the video player, one issue is that the new infusion no longer works with the video player master branch that uses the combination of pulling in sub-components with decorators and referring to these sub-components using our magic curly brackets, which probably is not a proper scenario that IoC is happy with. The stopper in this case is that the video player throws javascript error: "listener is undefined" @ line 693 from "FluidIoC.js" at parsing a listener reference of "{videoPlayer}.refresh" as well as this type of other declarations.

However, the new infusion works well with the re-constructed video player which replaces the decorators with the "component" declarations in the default block of the parent component.

So, the question is same as the 'applyChange' discussion that was ongoing earlier this morning: should we maintain the backwards compatibility to continue supporting the sub-component referencing to the components that are declared via decorators?

Two branches in case you need a demonstration of the problem:

* The branch with the new infusion that branches off the video player master and throws js error:

* The branch with the new infusion that branches off the re-constructed video player and works well:



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