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James William Yoon jyoon at
Thu Jan 12 19:58:08 UTC 2012

Hi Clayton,

The link to bbc displayoptions from the competitive analysis page for
> uioptions is dead, and it looks like bbc is no longer supporting this. Can
> anyone verify that? ****
> **

I can confirm that the BBC display options we linked from on UI Options is
defunct. We haven't been able to find anything comparable to it on BBC.

> If true, its apparent replacement, “my web my way”
> is a good illustration of why we have
> work to do: look at what you have to do to change something. For IE I count
> a minimum of 10 clicks to set colours, with more needed if you don’t know
> what version of IE you have, or if the colour scheme you have set for
> Windows isn’t appropriate for the browser****
> ** **
> Along the way you have to fork based on what OS and what browser you are
> using****
> ** **
> Granted, once you have gone through all this you may not need to do it
> again, and granted that it will transform all pages, not just the BBC, this
> shows why a solution supported by universal infrastructure is badly needed

I agree with your assessment of both the advantages (customize once and
persist across all sites) and disadvantages (inconvenience and complexity)
of BBC's "solution" to web interface preferences. In Infusion 1.4, UI
Options handles the challenge of inconvenience and complexity relatively
well, but doesn't persist across different sites.

One idea I've been hoping to explore more is designing browser extensions
that sit abstracted from any particular site, while offering the same
convenience we have in UI Options.

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