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Thu Dec 20 17:37:16 UTC 2012

Hi Sina,

I found some of these articles about usability testing helpful and relevant
to some of the questions that have come up as we've discussed how to test
the CMHR kiosk keypad.  Still, I keep coming up against the fact that we're
not testing the UI itself, which creates an interesting challenge for us.
These articles focus on UI testing, but I found that they still provide
some good tips for our testing and also got me thinking about how to make
sure we're testing the keypad (and keypad/UI interaction) rather than the
UI itself.  I'm wondering if we might need to simplify the UI in order to
do this, as we've talked about a bit.

The main link:

Individual articles that seem helpful at first glance:
Bending the Protocols: Useful Variations on Usability
Three Questions You Shouldn't Ask During User
Usability Testing. Oh, The Things You Can

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