Updating video player and (possibly) strange keyboard interaction

Jonathan Hung jhung at ocadu.ca
Thu Dec 6 13:58:10 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

I have been making my way through updating the Video Player test plan, in
particular adding the keyboard interaction test procedure into the document:

In going through the test procedure and after reading the Video Player
Interactions document (
I feel that the keyboard interaction feels a bit strange. After talking to
Joanna we discovered what we think is the problem and have a possible

Issue 1: The control panel button highlighting / focusing looks like it
should navigable horizontally (see attached screen shot)

Once the Play button has focus, it appears as if the controls can be
navigated horizontally by pressing the left or right arrow keys (similar to
how drop-down menu headers are keyboard navigable once an item has focus).
However, this isn't the case. The only way to move to the next player
control is by pressing the TAB key again. Which brings us to the next issue.

Issue 2: The scrubber bar breaks the tab order of the control panel

Once the Play button has focus, it's expected that the next focusable item
would be Volume, followed by Captions, and Transcript. Currently the tab
order is Play > Volume > Scrubber > Captions > Transcripts. This order
feels jarring as the expected flow is broken by the scrubber bar.

Joanna and I propose the following fix to make the keyboard interaction a
bit smoother:

1. Make the player controls navigable left and right using the arrow keys,
similar to how the left and right arrow keys move the scrubber left and
2. Change the tab order to: Play > Volume > Captions > Transcripts >

Since we are pushing to fix critical issues with Video Player currently, I
suspect these proposed improvements are lower priority. All the same, I
would still like to see these improvements some time in the future.


- Jon.




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