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Hi again,

Another apology for any duplications, but my previous email was too big so apparently it won't send. Here is the link for my presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ccSoZtfur1pZUnxkQbTcl0wHnMOrjYzrIt4_XAuftBg/edit

I lost some of the formatting in the upload, but it only really affects a couple things. Talking points are in bold in the notes, sometimes other information is below these. Links should be in the notes and (depending if you are using the google doc or if the ppt went through) sometimes linked from text or pictures on the page.


Previous email:

Hi everyone,

I was discussing my upcoming presentation with a few of you on Friday, and I'm not sure if everyone made it onto this mailing list, but it was suggested that this would be the list to use!

For everyone who was interested in taking a look at it, attached is the presentation I'm giving at the ABEL summer institute this Wednesday. The main thing we had been talking about was the accessibility of the descriptions and wording for people who are new to the field or not in the field at all. I welcome any comments whatsoever, but please don't feel obligated if you don't have time on Tuesday (those who I met with Friday) or are unsure what I'm talking about (those who I did not talk to on Friday)!

Anyway, thanks and have a good week!
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