Change to our Infusion unit tests

Clark, Colin cclark at
Fri Aug 17 18:32:23 EDT 2012

Hi all,

I've just pushed a pull request from Antranig that contains a major upgrade to our unit testing infrastructure. In particular, we are now running the latest version of QUnit, which includes support for running all Infusion's test cases from a single page:

You'll notice that the source of the file contains a static list of all our unit test pages. From now on, we all need to remember to keep this page updated when we add new test files. Reviewers, don't forget to check this file before pushing code contributions as well.

When we modernize Infusion's build scripts, we can automate this process using Grunt. But for the short term, we'll have to keep it up to date ourselves.


Colin Clark
Lead Software Architect,
Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University

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