Initial experiences with the UIO WordPress plugin…

Johnny Taylor johnny at
Wed Aug 8 23:47:54 UTC 2012

Hi All,

I finally had a chance to try out the UIO WordPress plugin. It took a bit to get it to work because the plugin documentation is sorely missing. Frustratingly so. But it work pretty reliably when it gets going — ignoring the most awkward usability issue. 

But first I should probably walk you through how to turn it on first. What's most confusing, but the key to getting the plugin to work, is it's a "widget." Meaning, once you turn it on, and nothing happens, one must go into Appearance > Widgets in the WordPress backend. There you'll see the Fluid Accessible UI Options widget sitting in the Available Widgets pane. There, assuming your theme is "widget aware," you can drag it over to the wigetized area. And it will be active.

But here's the caveat, doing at this creates a pane in your front end where you need to turn on the uiOptions panel on before you can even see. Yes, even before you can pull the panel down, every time you want to use it. But the good news is everything works as it should, albeit a little differently than one might expect — with respect with the ToC, specifically (the list appears below where the widget literally appears on your page). And every page you visit on  a site using this plugin, or you reload the page, you have to click the view uiOptions panel again to see the panel. BUT page enhancer is still running as once the page changes or is reloaded the changes stick. So that's good.

And there's a second caveat. It looks rather awkward, once you get it running. Once it's on, it sits, fixed on the top of the bowser window. No matter where you scroll it stay's along the top of the browser. Which isn't the end of the world, but the styling of the pane itself, with regard to it's spacing, is horrible. But easily fixable through the style sheet in the plugin directory. So...

Not all is lost, it's a decent start. It just needs some ironing out. And tomorrow is another day...

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