Using rem's with uiOptions...

Johnny Taylor johnny at
Fri Apr 13 15:48:08 UTC 2012


Quite awhile ago I came across an article by Jonathan Snook titled Font sizing with rem <>.  In it he outlined a process of sizing text on a page using a new CSS3 unit called "rem's." It essentially uses the root, the font-size attached to the html element, as a consistent reference for sizing text on a page that employs it. Thus mitigating the em compounding issue (read his article for more info). Pretty sweet.

Where this is relevant to this list is I half employed rem's in a project recently that uses uiOptions. To resolve the compounding issue this was meant to  solve. And the fact I half employed it prevented me from spotting the issue sooner. But the problem is, and it's a significant issue, elements using rem's to set their font size are immune to the text sizing options in uiOptions. As rem's constantly refer to the root, the sizing effect of uiOptions bypasses the inline styles uiOptions applies to the body!

Heads up!


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