GSoC '12 Project Doubts

Ashesh Kaushik asheshkaushik at
Tue Apr 3 18:03:22 UTC 2012


I'm Ashesh Kaushik, a 3rd year student at the BITS PILANI University in
India. I'm highly interested in working on the following Fluid Project
Ideas, as listed on the ideas page for GSoC '12 :

1. HTML5 Image Editor
2. Highly Customizable and Accessible Web Based ePub Reader
3. Inclusive, Web Based Musical Instruments

I'm proficient with web technologies, including HTML, CSS and JavaScripts
and can therefore work on any/all of these ideas. I wish to
receive recommendations as to which idea I should go ahead with, depending
on availability of other students willing to work on the idea and the
project priority.

Again, depending on willingness of others to work on an idea, should I even
apply to all three ideas I'm interested in or just apply to a specific one
for which mentors are still looking for interest students?

Looking forward to receiving helpful guidance.


Ashesh Kaushik
asheshkaushik at || +91 950 381 7733
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