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Hello Sameer,

Thanks for your interest in the HTML5 Image Editor. I've cc'd Jon on this e-mail. He's a designer here who will be helping to mentor this project. I'm sure both of us would like to hear more about your ideas. Some additional features/areas we'd like to have incorporated would be undo/redo, automatic deskewing of the image, and, at the least, making the interface keyboard accessible. In terms of external libraries, while it should generally be okay to make use of them, we'd have to determine it on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, we would expect you to make use of Fluid Infusion to implement the code. 

I wasn't quite clear as to what you have done at bits-apogee. Could you please clearly describe how you were involved there? Also, examples demonstrating your work would be useful.

Here are some useful links.

IRC Channel info:

Infusion Documentation:

Organization GSoC page (application template at the bottom):

GSoC Student guide:


On 2012-03-31, at 7:24 PM, Sameer Goyal wrote:

> Hi,
> I am Sameer Goyal, a third year student of BITS, Pilani, India. I have a keen interest in pursuing one of your projects - HTML5 Image Editor as part of the GSoC 2012 program.
> I have been a front end developer for 3 years, & an avid follower of the new developments in the current HTML5 standard. I have strong skills in Javascript, HTML5 canvas, HTML5 video, CSS3. I am quite familiar with canvas & various APIs that go along with it. I have also covered an elective course Image Processing & am well equipped with various image manipulation techniques & how to work with pixel data to create various popular effects. Some of my previous works include -,
> I have gone through the project details, and I have some additional ideas that can be implemented to make the project better & well rounded. 
> Since brightness/contrast & thresholding operations are being implemented, we might consider using image manipulation libraries that work with the ImageData API provided along with canvas. Eg - Pixastic ( & a variety of other alternatives exist.
> Even if we choose to avoid using external libraries, we can implement a variety of other adjustments by simply working with the ImageData.
> Layers - We can implement layers, that is inherent in all modern image editors. Also, blend modes can be implemented between layers. (Although, there maybe a performance issue for cases where the images are large in size)
> Masks - We can also provide support for masking using canvas' compositing operations.
> We can provide a toolbox containing tools for various transformations (rotate, skew, scale) so that the interface is highly intuitive.
> Looking forward to hear from you about the project.
> Regards,
> Sameer Goyal
> B.E.(Hons.) Computer Science
> BITS Pilani, India
> +91-8058426750
> sam007.goyal at
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