Docs Sprint wrap-up

Cheetham, Anastasia acheetham at
Fri Sep 9 20:37:49 UTC 2011

Another successful Docs Sprint is under our belt, and the planning page is awash in a sea of green checkmarks. Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed!

Here's a summary of all the work that was accomplished:

* Heidi reviewed and fixed up the FSS instructional demos.

* Justin finishing up the Component Grades documentation, reviewed the code for the UIO instructional examples, and is working on the API docs for the CookieStore.

* Yura brought our IoC documentation up-to-date with all the the changes to the framework.

* Antranig reviewed the "onion ring" tutorial.

* Mike reviewed and fixed up the various UIO tutorials.

* Cindy reviewed and fixed up the various UIO API pages and is updating the produceTree() documentation.

* Michelle worked on the Renderer Decorators docs to add the new functions.

* I created API docs for Table of Contents and its subcomponents.

Our docs are now in much better shape for the 1.4 release. There is still more to be done, but that will always be the case. We made lots of progress today: The UIO docs are in great shape, which is excellent since UIO will be a focus for this release.

I'm hoping our next sprint can focus on the Framework, and IoC in particular. Yura and I spoke about ideas for tutorials and guides for working with IoC, and I'd love to see those come to fruition.

Again, congratulations and thanks to everyone for another great Docs Sprint!

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