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Thu Oct 27 18:41:44 UTC 2011

Hi Johnny,

I see what you're saying. I think in general an underline is fine practice, but there are cases where it may cause issues. However, those may be more related to poor design choices. That being said, I think it's good to critically analyze conventions and tease out the distinction of whether they are the best option or just the common one. 

In regards to implementation, a bottom border could work, but I believe borders have an affect on layout. In that case, they may be less desirable. I'm not sure how much control you have over outlines, but that might be another alternative. Although they don't work in earlier versions of IE.

If you have anything mocked up, it would be cool to see a comparison. 


On 2011-10-27, at 11:10 AM, Johnny Taylor wrote:

> Justin,
> While I do understand his point, on the broader scheme -- being negative hovers (for which I agree) -- where I have issues is the underlining link text being "obtrusive." I have problems with that. Not aesthetically (they are somewhat unflattering looking), rather functionally. It's not regular text. It's a link. And does something different than regular text. It goes somewhere else. And changing a links colour isn't enough in my mind. Another cue is needed. An underline is brilliant. Is that not the point? 
> I don't know. Of course it's a preference. A preference I believe that is benefitted by the underline. And not the default link underline, but the removed underline and the added border on the bottom of a link. I think that solves the reading issue (as best as possible), as a border is set lower than a link underline, less opportunity for the underline to meddle (visually) with the word. And given that fact wouldn't it help with a persons access to the content?
> Just some more of my thoughts...
> Johnny

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