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While I do understand his point, on the broader scheme -- being negative hovers (for which I agree) -- where I have issues is the underlining link text being "obtrusive." I have problems with that. Not aesthetically (they are somewhat unflattering looking), rather functionally. It's not regular text. It's a link. And does something different than regular text. It goes somewhere else. And changing a links colour isn't enough in my mind. Another cue is needed. An underline is brilliant. Is that not the point? 

I don't know. Of course it's a preference. A preference I believe that is benefitted by the underline. And not the default link underline, but the removed underline and the added border on the bottom of a link. I think that solves the reading issue (as best as possible), as a border is set lower than a link underline, less opportunity for the underline to meddle (visually) with the word. And given that fact wouldn't it help with a persons access to the content?

Just some more of my thoughts...

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