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Hi Charly, 

It's great that you had such a good experience and that you want to keep working with us. Your hard work and community involvement were all very appreciated by us as well. 

At the moment I'm a bit heads down on another project and am unaware of the time lines for the video player. James, Colin, and/or Michelle would probably know best and could give you some guidance.

As for the documentation, that's something that's always great to have, and I'm sure that Anastasia would love to see it. You might even think about posting it on the wiki and tossing us a link, but feel free to chat with her about that.

Looking forward to seeing you in the channel and around the community. 


On 2011-10-26, at 4:04 PM, charly molter wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Now that university is little less busy and that you released 1.4 I finally can thank all of you for the really pleasant time I had during my summer working with you. Especially Colin and Heidi who showed me the ropes of Fluid Infusion and looked after my code, gave critics, advice and raised new bugs without ever complaining ;) . 
> It was so nice to work with you that I would like to continue to be part of the community. (as long as you want me :) ).
> However this year is quite busy for me and I won't be able to give as much time as I used to for the project. So I thought I could either keep on working on the video player but I don't think I'll be able to make it progress quickly enough (except if some people join me). 
> Otherwise I could try to work in minor parts of the development and fix bugs. I don't know what you think is best for the community...
> Concerning the videoplayer: 
> - I've made a pull request from my github repo with the code I worked on. 
> - I've also cleaned the issues that were related to the video player in Jira. 
> - They are a few bugs that were raised by Heidi and I didn't have to fix yet. I'll try to add them to Jira and fix them if possible.
> - I don't know what you planed on doing with the player but if you plan to put it a little more forward I've written quite a bit of docs at the end of the project I can hand it to you if you want.
> I'm opened to any comments or suggestion on what I could do for the community! I'll try to pop as soon as possible on the IRC. 
> Thanks again for the lovely summer I spent working with you
> Best regards.
> PS: I tried to send that a week ago and didn't managed to seems like the mailing list was down...
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> Charly Molter 
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