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Wed Oct 26 15:17:40 UTC 2011

I'll send this again, but I'll further refine it, as I've had some more time to fiddle and think...

This was and still is a of follow-up to my note concerning "thoughts on improving FSS" from a couple weeks back. Nothing terribly important, concerning FSS specifically, just an interesting article on resets by Harry Roberts. Reset Restarted <>.

Reason I found it so interesting is because of my use of Eric Meyer's reset (which as a result of time constraints I ended up using in FSSFive). And my unflinching support for it. Not for any stubborn ideological reason, rather my comfort and contentment using it. Not that there is anything wrong with The Meyer Reset But Harry raises a couple of solid points. And upon a quick glance it appears he has included what I think could be a couple useful bits of reset CSS.

And the reason I'm bringing it up is cause I referenced resets in my last note and since originally reading this I've incorporated it into FSSFive. With absolutely no unexpected results (the core of the reset looks similar to Meyer's, and that isn't what I'm most interested in). And since talking with Justin last week I got the impression, from his queries referencing my experiences getting the 960 grid system to work with FSS, you're keen on experimenting with other solutions (it doesn't hurt your reset does some crazy resizing magic with the theme, which I plan on investigating when I get 2 seconds).

Back to it, there was one result I had to fix, being he took out underlined links -- for reasons he explains here <> under the heading "Underlines are intrusive." He goes on to mention the accessibility concerns, which in my head are reason enough to leave 'em be. Which got me thinking is removing them in fact an accessibility no no? But my question really is would removing the underlines and throwing a border under your links hurt, help or is indifferent? 

I'm largely talking for the sake of talking 'bout now, but I thought both of these thing were interesting and I'd pass them along.


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