Infusion 1.4 Released

Colin Clark colinbdclark at
Fri Oct 14 22:12:30 UTC 2011

Hey! Everyone!  Congratulations!

This release wasn't easy for us. We had lots of little details to work out, bugs to fix, and new kinds of configurability to support. We solved major backwards incompatibility issues caused by changes in jQuery, while at the same time preserving API compatibility across our core production code. We built a beautiful new UI Options component using novel development idioms and framework features, many of which were literally conceived of and implemented as we went. We mentored students and newcomers to the community, welcoming them as active contributors to Infusion. And we documented all this new code in detail, as a community, so that we can continue to attract and teach new Infusion users and developers.

It's wasn't easy work, and throughout the process we kept up our commitment to accessibility, usability, and high-quality code. Infusion 1.4 is a release we should all feel proud of.

Thanks to all of you for your hard work, ideas, designs, code, and testing efforts.


On 2011-10-14, at 1:20 PM, Cheetham, Anastasia wrote:

> The Fluid community is pleased to announce the release of Infusion 1.4!
> Infusion 1.4 is a major new release of Fluid's JavaScript application framework. This version includes updates to the Fluid Skinning System and the User Interface Options component, as well as substantial improvements to the IoC system.
> Create your own custom build of Infusion 1.4 with the Infusion Builder:
> ... or download the source code from our github repository:
> What's new in this release?
> • Completely redesigned UI Options component, involving:
>   - Three different versions of the interface
>   - Greatly improved styling
>   - Extensively refactored code
> • Many improvements to the Fluid Skinning system, including:
>   - A new more modular reset system, including support for contextualized resets
>   - Easier to override: !importants have been removed
>   - New themes for accessibility
>   - More layout container sizes (thanks to Gary Thompson and Unicon)
>   - Expanded documentation and examples
>   - A new FSS contributor gallery with portlet and form styles: 
> • Improved user experience for Uploader, including error handling
> • Substantial improvements to the Infusion IoC system
> • Updated versions of jQuery and jQuery UI
> A lot of work has gone into this release, and we'd like to thank everyone in the community for their contributions. We could not have reached this point without the dedication of all of our users, designer and developers.

Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project

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