FLUID-4504 focus styling issue

Valles, Heidi hvalles at ocad.ca
Fri Oct 7 14:35:16 UTC 2011


> 1) The fl-focus scoping is new to this release. If we are uncertain of it's effectiveness should we back it out of the themes for now, before we lock it into a release?

I see some themes using fl-focus (the aesthetic themes), and some not (our contrast themes) - the difference being we may want the browser to handle focus styling for the former, yet insist on focus styling for the latter. 

> 2) There seemed to be, albeit unclearly, a decision made months ago and we are beyond the point, in this release, to revert those decisions.

I think the decision is inline with what Antranig said:

>> i) it may be that uPortal is not interested in our specific delivered themes, but only in our reset file and general rules for making themes (true or false?)

They wanted the base/reset files to be less style-y and more normalize-y which I think is what we've accomplished by letting fl-focus be an optional class for this. Having a :focus style scoped to a specific theme doesn't interfere with this goal.

I think the most confusing part of all of this is having both fl-focus and :focus styled in a theme - is it one or the other? What if a user wants to over-ride the theme's global :focus yet still make use of fl-focus on certain sections? I'm not sure...


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