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Johnny Taylor johnny at abledaccess.com
Tue Oct 4 23:22:45 UTC 2011

I found this issue last night during yesterday's testing freeze. I noticed on the iPad (iOS V.4.3.5) the horizontal sliders, used to adjust font-size and line height, are unusable to the touch interface. And in using it, in that environment, two alternatives presented themselves. 

The first, rather obviously is typing a value in the text box. As a new user how would I know what increments to use. I realize It says "times" beside the box, but my first inclination, no matter how irrational, is to use whole numbers. It's really clumsy for me cos it's hard for me to get the cursor active in the box after the number. The iPad is extremely frustrating in that way. There are no arrow keys to fine tune where the cursor lands. And the cursor never lands where I want. It's more a usability issue than a programming one. But you should know.

But the other solution introduced yet another issue. When I touch to the right of the font size slider (on the line), towards the side that represents the largest font size, you know since I can't grab the handle of the slider to move it, the font actually gets smaller. Where as the line spacing slider, when used in this manner, doesn't work at all, to adjust the values I mean. But if I use the first method first, for the font size at least, all other actions I perform with the font size slider subsequently work as they should. Until I reload the page. Then right back to the start. The line height slider doesn't work at all.

Figured you should know, despite the current testing freeze...

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