Testing is open on UIO

Johnny Taylor johnny at abledaccess.com
Mon Oct 3 19:28:42 UTC 2011

Everything is fixed and seems to be working. I noticed a stutter as the iFrame opens. Not complaining. Just observing. 

Could I make a request (for the future releases, of course)? Instead of putting that whole 'class="uio-demo-theme"' in the body, I'm wondering if you could look for a class already on the body, and if so just inject the class name into what's already present. And if nothing is there inject the entire class and name? 

Reason I suggest this is WordPress uses classes on the body element, depending on what page is loaded, what the user is doing, etc. I'm sure there are ways around it, but if possible (I've no idea how uiOptions functions, I seem to recall it adds more classes onto the body depending on what you're looking to do, this could be way more trouble that I even realize) this would make the mark-up cleaner. And potentially save the user using uiOptions a step (a rather important step, it would seem, and the less you need to rely on a user, me, the better, for you)?

Anyway this is fantastic. Thanks. And great job people!

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