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Fri Nov 25 15:26:12 UTC 2011

Michelle and I have reviewed many existing HTML5 video players and summarized our findings on the wiki, at

We want to create a video player that can be fully configured by the integrator, and that can be further customized through UI Options. To that end, we considered how modular and configurable each of the existing video players are (as well as other factors such as license, general code quality, etc).

We found that none of the players we looked at offered enough of what we were looking for to serve as the basis for our video player, though we did find some modules that offered functionality that could be useful. Yesterday, we met with Colin to review our findings and impressions, and we've come up with the following plan:

We will create a Video Player that supports full configurability and customizability by designing it in the Infusion tradition: combining smaller modules that focus on one thing and do it well. We will create some pieces and use others that exist already:

- mediaelement.js
- Captionator
- John Dyer's full-screen support

We will start with Charly Molter's video player code as the base for tying the pieces together.

Our next steps will be to create an iteration plan for the 'minimum viable user experience,' as described at the top of the full Feature List on the wiki:

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