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Michelle D'Souza michelled33 at
Thu Nov 24 16:19:54 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

The community meetings have become a great way to learn from each other and share our knowledge and expertise. These are held on Wednesdays at 2:30 Eastern. We have a few of the upcoming meeting topics scheduled but there are also a couple gaps. Here is the upcoming schedule:

November 30th:   Need a topic
December 7th: 	Infusion (led by Colin)
December 14th: 	Need a topic
December 21st: 	Looking forward to Fluid in 2012 (led by Colin)
January 4th: 		Colour Blindness (led by Lizna and Michelle)  Note that this meeting will be at 3:00 Eastern.

Are there topics you'd either like to hear about or can cover November 30th and/or December 14th? 



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