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Clark, Colin cclark at
Thu May 19 21:32:11 UTC 2011

Hi Charly,

I'm sorry I missed you in the channel earlier today. You asked some good questions about how to fix bugs in the Fluid community. You asked:

> lahabana:I'm on the videoPlayer seen the Jira page you sent me earlier
> [4:50pm]lahabana:I've been working on this issue : "Display the length of the video to the user in minutes and seconds"
> [4:50pm] Justin_o left the chat room. (Quit: Justin_o)
> [4:50pm]lahabana:and I've also tried to know how I should act when I get in something
> [4:50pm]lahabana:should I comment to say I'm on it ?
> [4:51pm]lahabana:I'm sorry that might be a stupid question but it's the first time I take part in a large free software organisation
> [4:51pm]lahabana:so I don't really know how to do
> [4:51pm]lahabana:I've searched on the wiki but didn't find anything
> [4:53pm]lahabana:I would be greatful if you could explain me briefly how I should do through the fixing of an issue
> [5:06pm]lahabana:would it be better for me to fork the code and make pull requests or to submit patches ?

So, the first step is to make yourself an account in JIRA if you don't already have one. Then, you should feel free to make a comment on the ticket and assign it to yourself. It doesn't hurt to tell people in the channel if you're interested in working on a particular issue, but in the case of the Video Player, the likelihood of overlap is pretty low so you can just go ahead.

As for the process of fixing a bug, Git helps make this process fairly easy. Are you already familiar with Git? If not, I'd suggest reading some of the resources listed in Justin Obara's recent presentation about it:

In short, you're right--you should fork the videoPlayer repository and work on bugs in your own fork. When you're ready to merge your fixes back into the project repo, just make a pull request. I'll review it and merge the changes in.

Don't hesitate to share your in-progress work with us any time and we can help provide you with feedback.

Hope this helps,


Colin Clark
Lead Software Architect,
Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University

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