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I think this might have not made it through to the list, so I'm forwarding it. Sorry if there is any duplication.


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> Subject: Re: FSS progress for Infusion 1.4
> Hey all,
> Sorry for dropping off the last two weeks. Apart from my "other" work, I have been feverishly updating uPortal's theme and skin for the upcoming v4 release. A big part of that work was to integrate and test Fluid Infusion 1.4 (albeit beta), including all of the recent FSS work. In my evaluation and testing, everything on the FSS side is great!  The removal of the !important statements has made updating the uP4 skins much more pleasant and predicatble. The removal of the overflow:auto and update of .fl-fix also appear to be working as expected. I have largely been testing on modern browsers - FF4, Safari5, and IE9 - so everything hasn't been totally road-tested, but it appears to be solid. Next up is to rewire uPortal with the FSS portlet donation. I'm hoping to get that done for the uP4 release.
> Great work!
> Gary

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