proposal for GSOC Fluid's video player

Clark, Colin cclark at
Thu May 19 14:55:13 UTC 2011

Hi Charly,

There's a list of open bugs for the Video Player here:

There are lots of fairly simple bugs there you can start with. One other interesting idea might be to add support for parsing and displaying captions in .SRT format, which will be compatible with subtitles and captions from Universal Subtitles, YouTube, etc.

You'll probably need to file a new JIRA ticket for the work, but it's definitely related to this existing ticket:

Heidi can point you to the "Rosetta Stone" caption converter source code, too, which might give you some interesting ideas for handling multiple formats.

Hope this helps,


On 2011-05-18, at 1:05 PM, charly molter wrote:

> I hesitate on what to start with. My 2 main ideas are:
> - The videoPlayer "physical disability" things like buttons (in other
> word more UI and design ) like I mentioned in my proposal
> - The videoPlayer caption part.
> What do you think I should start with?
> Also for the design and things like that do you know a particular
> person in the community I should refer to for advice?
> Can't wait to be able to fully jump in the project :)
> Charly

Colin Clark
Lead Software Architect,
Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University

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