Test results of colin's version of image gallery

Li, Cindy cli at ocad.ca
Wed May 18 13:17:06 UTC 2011

Hi Colin,

My comments below:

>> 1. in ff 3.6 (windows), click "upload" button after selecting some images to upload, get error "FormData is not defined".
>I get this same error here, too:
>I think that probably means it's a bug in the Uploader itself, rather than our Image Gallery.

This might be a bug that's introduced recently into uploader. I'm pretty certain that it didn't occur 2 weeks ago when Justin, you and myself run through this demo.

>> 2. in IE 8, since the initial default of text field "Allowed File MIME Types" is "image/gif,image/jpeg,image/png,image/tiff", when clicking "browse files", the popup window of "select file" tries to match on files with types "image/gif,image/jpeg,image/png,image/tiff" which ends up an empty file list.
>I can't reproduce this in my IE6 or IE8 VMs. Are you using the latest version of Infusion from the project repo?

Yes, I'm using the latest version.

>I recently merged in Mike's branch, which standardizes the queueSettings.fileTypes option as an array of MIME types across both HTML5 and Flash version. The Flash strategy internally converts this into the old semicolon-delimited list of extensions.

Your local infusion version = project repo + Mike's branch? Mike's branch might resolve this issue?



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